Look Up To Being Together

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In the summer of 2000, a friend invited me to the new "IT" thing online. Clueless about the site, I signed up thinking it will be fun. Everyday I’d spend some time poking around and exploring new things. I updated my profile adding a nice picture and some images of my paintings. Week on week I received loads of appreciation for my work and some inquiries too. It was well worth the time spent on the new online forum.

After years of avoiding it, I tried canvas for the first time and excelled. Beginner’s luck may be. As I was uploading the images of my newest work I was at a loss, not knowing what to title the collection. So I titled it 'Look Up To Being Together'. It was a title that caught many eyes and generated a lot of interest. Scanning through loads of comments and likes, a particular comment caught my eye. I wandered over to 'his' page and found him simply adorable. However I realised not only was he miles away but also was in a relationship. I thanked him for his appreciation and thought it ended there.

Not the one to be given the second last place, he commented back. Comments to comments and many more comments warranted a friend request. Numerous chats followed by long phone calls, brought us closer. We seemed to have connected in a way that seemed un-explainable. We talked for hours. 

However suddenly in the middle of the conversations he would disappeared to come back hours later to resume the conversations. At first I didn't mind it that much but as time went by I got upset and it hurt me. I finally decided to 'turn off chat' for him and disconnected with him. Paintings there on seemed to reflect a missing aspect. 

Eventually I was showcasing at a renounced art gallery and the response was great. As the skies grew darker, with all set to close for the day, a man walked in with a bouquet of flowers. Not wanting to be bothered I collected my purse walked towards the exit and signaled my assistant to wrap-up. From the corner of my eye I saw the man move towards me and felt a hint of recognition. Not able to look at him for the fear of staring, I hurried forward. He was faster than I thought, standing beside me in two large strides. I heard him say, "I've come to bid for the Look Up collection. I want them for my new home. They shall be a perfect reflection for the beginning of my love for someone special." 

As I looked up, I saw those eyes. A smile that had become a part of me, a reason for my happiness and it all came flooding back. I knew why his disappearances during our chats hurt me, I now knew why I blocked him, I now knew.... 

He was committed, I cautioned myself. He wanted 'my' Look Up as a reflection for his love for someone special, a new beginning. I felt a knife being stabbed deep into my heart. Pretending, I smiled and wished him. He smiled and planted a customary kiss on my cheek and offered me the flowers.

I asked, "Has she seen the paintings? Does she like them?” 
He replied, "Yes"
"So congratulations are in order?" I asked
"Hope so. I’m just about to ask her." he said and smiled. As he held out his hand to pull me closer, I walked into his arms to Look Up at him. 

That was the day that I stood there to spend some time with someone I think I was losing. But I wanted that little spark of lost love to be with me always. I didn’t know that those moments would change forever and show me the power of being optimistic, the power of being #together.

Be Together,
- Heena

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