Most Valued Hotel Amenities for Business Travellers

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Most Valued Hotel Amenities for Business Travellers

When I travel for work, I ensure to do three things. One travel light, travel by air and stay close to the airport. Unfortunately many cities that I travel to don’t offer great accommodation options, but only a few not so great available two-three star hotels. 

But that is never the case with people traveling to Mumbai whether for leisure or for work or for a stop-over. Primarily as the Mumbai airport is right in the middle of the city, almost equidistant from all parts it becomes a boon to everyone whether a resident or a traveler. And to top it all there are loads of hotels near Mumbai airport that cater to all kinds of travellers. 

With the maximum number of travellers coming to Mumbai are Business Travellers, it becomes more and more important for the infrastructure and the hospitality sector to support the needs of such travellers. Business travellers opt for hotels that offer amenities beyond clean rooms and comfortable beds. Today business hotels in Mumbai are interested in attracting more business travellers with many attractive amenities. 

Some of the best hotels in central Mumbai offer varied amenities including but not limited to the below mentioned to enable business travellers to pick them over other hotels. 

Airport Pick-up and Drop-off
The traffic in Mumbai can get troublesome and no business traveller wants to get into the nuisance of hiring local transport. Additionally with being in a new city, business travellers don’t want to be taken for a ride literally and so airport pickup and drop-off offered by a hotel is ranked as the best amenity offered. 

Free High Speed, Wireless Internet Service
A corporate traveler cannot spend even a few hours without Internet, and hence the top amenity that a hotel can offer is Wi-Fi connectivity to stay abreast of all the work irrespective of where in the hotel premises he is. And if Wi-Fi is free of charge, then nothing like it.

Dedicated Business Centre
Business travellers have business needs which are not limited to a printer, scanner, copier and fax. They also need IT staff that can help in-case of any glitches that may arise all day round. A full service business center that can offer conference and meeting facilities, multimedia and audio-visual equipment to facilitate business transactions also score high for business travellers. 

Recreational and Entertainment Facilities
Business travellers are usually extremely busy throughout the day and look to unwind at the end of the day. They look to get their doze of physical activity at the gym or the pool, or relax at the spa or de-stress with yoga sessions at the end of the day. Additional they want their fix of entertainment at their fingertips with a HDTV and a bank of movies, series at their disposal. Hotels that offer these definitely cut competition in a big way.

24/7 Housekeeping
Travellers want housekeeping all around the clock. Especially those who have meetings and have to do a bit of entertaining late at nights may have a lot of housekeeping requests at odd hours. Hence 24/7 housekeeping is a sure-shot winner at hotels that cater to business travellers. 

From what I know and what I’ve experienced one thing I can say for sure is that business travellers prefer hotels that offer amenities which ensure productivity and focus.

Happy Traveling, 
~ Heena

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  1. When I traveled I valued the airport drop off/pick up and wifi the most. Especially in a new country you need wifi to navigate and figure stuff out. At least with airport drop off/pick up I can at least ensure that I get to the hotel in one piece. Traveling is so tiring you just don't want to deal with that!

    Autumn | It's Autumn's Life

  2. Somehow very true, that's what all business travellers are looking for.. With all this extra facilities, it will make one's travel more comfortable and complete..


  3. I'm super bad when it comes to travelling but in the blogs I've read, I found out that finding a hotel that is nearest the area's main transportation is definitely key in saving and maximizing a trip!