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#LookUp To Every Day Magical Moments With Housing.Com
Life is Magic. But sometimes it becomes very depressing and feels unworthy with the same mundane things in our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately even when you try to garnish it with hope and optimism it doesn’t take out the feeling of bored chores. 

You don’t want life to simply pass through, but you try to go on to find – create - experience magic to burn the candle of hope and build on positive optimism. Sometimes I think I'm strange as I tend to look at ordinary day-to-day things as magical and fascinating. Magic in something that appears as normal as breathing, something that doesn’t need a magic wand but still encourages a positive life. 

The optimism that makes living a life more hopeful, more extraordinary; living an extraordinary life doesn't require extraordinary people, things, places, moments; it needs simple things that mean the world to you. They are the Magical Moments that encourage you to LookUp in Life; I have my own dose of hopeful magic moments.  

A Rejuvenating Face Wash Routine
No sooner I wake up in the morning, I carve for some lukewarm water caressing my face. A teaspoon of warm honey spread over my face followed by a cold water rinse rejuvenates me instantly. A touch of my baby soft skin then warms me from within spreading a smile across my lips and I'm ready for the wonderful day ahead. Though I don't get time to do it daily, I'm trying to inculcate this in my routine. 

An Energetic Exercise Session
As the day progresses, off I zoom on my two wheeler to drop my little one to school before I head to the gym. Exercise has such a profound effect on me and it's actually been an effective strategy for overcoming my day-to-day stress. It fire and fuels my feel-good equation with myself. No sooner do I start my alternate-day sessions I feel on top of the world ready to conquer the highest peaks of life. 

A Loving Cuddle Infused With Tender Kisses
As the evening sets in I head straight from office to the school. As the children run out of the school gate, in a few minutes I see my world running straight towards me. Loads of kisses in between numerous hugs and cuddles end with those magical words that she says to me almost every day. "I missed you, Momma. I love you.” Words that add springs to my feet - fill me with hope and optimism. Motherhood is so much more than just birthing, it is all about the little things that happen in the most innocent and unexpected ways.

A Love Filled Time With Hubby
As the day ends I look forward to my time with my life.... my husband. Spending quality time with the love of my life fills me up with not only joy and happiness but also hope and optimism. Talking about the day, planning for the future, sharing cuddles while watching television or just a simple embrace makes all the difference to each day. The comfort and the security of strong arms around me gives me a protective feeling of hope and optimism. 

Why look for a single moment that gives meaning to life? Create many such moments in your life every day that fill you with hope and optimism, that no hurdle is too big, no distance too long or no sky too high. #LookUp and conquer your world. 

Create magic,
~ Heena

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