Decor Tips To Make Every Foot Of Your Home Count

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Housing  in India varies from palaces of maharajas to the apartments of modern man to the huts of the villagers. This great socio-economic mix of the vast population has influenced how Indians organize and decorate their homes. With rapid growth in the building apartments and complexes in the urban areas homes are either getting more luxurious or more compact.

Decor Tips To Make Every Foot Of Your Home Count

In cases where the homes are getting grander there is never any issue. However if you are in a space that is compact it becomes really important that you utilise every square foot of space to make your home more luxurious and liveable. There are so many décor tips to make a small space feel more roomy and grand. Some tips may need a lot of modifications; while some are easy peasy just as outlined in RewardMe's 5 Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces. Inspired by this article I am going to share with you some simple tricks that help you design your space.
Decor Tips To Make Every Foot Of Your Home Count
The first most important thing you can do is ‘Go vertical’. Since the floor space is limited use the height to your advantage with furniture that has small or no footprint but are really tall to store a lot of things. 

Another way to open up a small space is paint. Using a different color palette in each of the rooms will create a prominent 3D effect while varying the ceiling color from that of the walls will also do the trick of accentuating the size. 

Decor Tips To Make Every Foot Of Your Home Count

Furnish step by step, pick the first few most important pieces and then build it up from there. Experience the furniture at the brand outlet in India before buying. Visually arrange in the way it is to be used at home and you set it appropriately. Once you have lived with the mandatory pieces then add more as you go furnishing along. 

Dual purpose furniture that is also mobile works great. A Day bed or a Murphy bed is a great concept in utilising space that would otherwise be redundant during the night time. It additionally from doubling up as a sofa offers comfort space for visitors during stopovers. An ottoman is a great option to unwind after a work day; however an ottoman with storage is more useful.

Decor Tips To Make Every Foot Of Your Home Count

It is crucial to note that the more floor space you see, the larger the home will feel. The best furniture to invest in would be ones with legs rather than those which sit heavily on the floor. Coffee table, chairs, dining tables, sofas, footrests go for them but those with legs. 

An expensive yet most convenient investment will come by way of an expandable dining table. You don’t need to design the entire house ‘in case guests come over’ but you need to keep that in mind when investing in a dining table as it is not something that can be added when you need it. 

Everyone knows the mirror trick to give make the room look twice as large or a framed mirror to make appear like a window. Alternatively you can arrange mirrors of different shapes and sizes on a particular wall to break the monotonous look. 

Add visually interesting pieces of wall art by way of canvas paintings, 3D structures and mosaics. Add a dash of color to highlight the furnishing or create a wall of different sized photographs to add character. Opt for ceiling to floor curtains and drapes in sheer or lace to create a taller look.

I am sure there are many more tricks to make a smaller home look large or organize a certain space to optimise usage. But if you're afraid to venture into unknown territory, then help is #JustAClickAway.

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