Experience A Shopping Fest At ShoppersStop.Com

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A few weeks ago I was contacted for a styling project, to collate the wedding trousseau for a bride-to-be by her harrowed sister. The pretty girl was hassled as she was moving to another town and had nothing organized except her clothing. In less than two weeks she was all set to be hitched, and then fly for her honeymoon to a beautiful location but she stared blindly at her closet. I have nothing to wear she complained to me, as I walked in. Every girl feels that when she cannot put together a look, let alone a bride-to-be. Though Neha had two cupboards full of clothing all perfectly leading up to the wedding and much more, she felt she had nothing. Though more than half the clothes were brand new and in vogue. 

Experience A Shopping Fest At ShoppersStop.Com

As we sat together going through her new wedding finery, I realized she had indeed done a fabulous job on getting her act together in the clothing department. However everything else was at zilch and needed a lot of introspection to put together each look. Because time was utmost crucial, we decided to stay put at home identifying products that she would need over the next couple of months and then finally working around websites to order them from.

Of everything that she kept saying she needed, we classified three main categories - Beauty, Fragrances and Jewellery. Chalking out a list of things we would need we got straight into the business of identifying the products and adding them to the cart of the online shopping heaven. Luckily we had similar skin types and also a lot of common choices easing out the entire shopping experience. 

Experience A Shopping Fest At ShoppersStop.Com

Since every bride thinks she needs loads of skincare and beauty products to ensure gorgeous and glowing skin I had to ensure Neha didn’t go overboard. I recommended my favourite skincare brand Dermalogica which redefines skin health from which we picked a body and face exfoliator and an eye cream along with a moisturising make-up removal cream. We restricted the hair care to L'Occitane Shampoo and Conditioner and went a little overboard with make-up products. 

Neha picked varied colors of the eyeliner from Maybelline but stuck to the Eyeconic from Lakme. Foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer and lotions remained constant from Lakme; however we experimented with exciting colors from Deborah Milano’s nail enamel range and Maybelline’s new glitter mania. Both of us are diehard fans of Maybelline’s baby lips and added every flavor to the cart. As a bride Neha needed the must colors for the lips, I suggested the Rebel collection from Maybelline for its gorgeous colors in varying degrees of the bridal color red. This was getting more exciting by the minute as we added translucent powder, pressed powder, toner, primer and the cart got heavier. In the fragrances we stocked up on Davidoff Cool Water for men and women and I pushed her to get the ‘it’ perfume for women, Calvin Klein Reveal for its ethereal scent. 

Picking jewellery was the hardest as she was of traditional belief in buying precious pieces from stores and not fashion jewellery online. After much deliberation she finally agreed to pick a few pieces as we scanned ShopperStop.com for hours. Zeroing in on a couple of earrings, rings and a few bracelets the tasks seemed more or less done until I chanced upon a perfect semi-traditional, semi-casual pearl gorgeous set from Zaveri Pearls. Unsure of how it would look Neha was in two minds so we decided to take a rain check on it the next day. 

Much to our amazement ShoppersStop.com was running the Glitter-n-Glow Campaign and we snapped up the products at discounts ranging from 20-70% saving us a huge sum along with the other benefits of online shopping like free shipping, a 15-day return policy and exchange options. Though this offer/campaign was available only until the end of June, there are loads of offers that are run regularly. 

Neha bookmarked the website to ensure she never misses any offers from the brand, and I made a mental note to do the same as I headed home after an extremely chaotic day. 

Until next time, 
~ Heena

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  1. Great photos and great post. Thanks for sharing with us, dear. Pls, keep in touch.


  2. Online shopping is so convenient... Thanks for sharing all the info!

  3. I'm glad that you found the right jewelry and that the prices were discounted.

  4. I love shopping online and this site looks like they have everything! These days I definitely prefer browsing online because I think you get better deals than in store. :D