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Monday, July 06, 2015

Posted On July 06, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

Sometimes women (read like me) go overboard with everything that they need. Be it clothing, footwear, jewelry, handbags, cosmetics, accessories…. the list is endless with endless options. But we need to derail our shopping urges and limit ourselves to the essentials; however every closet must have the much-needed must-have pieces.

Inspired by RewardMe'Should You Wear Heels Or Flats here we continue iCynosure s ‘Every Woman Must Own’ series to talk about the 5 Essential Sandals Every Woman Must Own. These pieces will live through various trends, travel through seasons and build any look being as a solid foundation, being a permanent fixture in your wardrobe as they are here to stay. So here is what you need...
5 Essential Sandals Every Woman Must Own
Basic Stiletto
A go-to pair that are complimentary for any day, any occasion. They can be worn while dressing up or while dressing down just as easily. Stick to a basic simple design in a neutral color to ensure versatility. Colors to opt for: Nude, Cream or Black.
5 Essential Sandals Every Woman Must Own
Barely There Sandals
A pair that is as minimal as they come strung through the faintest of material to ensure the grip on the foot, is not only stylish but super sexy as well. The style helps flaunt your gorgeous never-ending legs while being in the background all the time. Colors to opt for: Nude, Cream or Black.
5 Essential Sandals Every Woman Must Own
Block Wedges
The most basic, most comfortable option to add height to your frame are the block wedges. Pick one either in a block heel or a platform heel as per your comfort and need to sashay in style while adding height to your frame. Colors to opt for: Nude or Cream.
5 Essential Sandals Every Woman Must Own
Animal Print Statement Sandals
Go playful in a super sexy pair of animal print sandals that make a statement without you having to try. Numerous options are available in the animal print like leopard, zebra, tiger, etc. Choose one with a bit of color to stand out while blending in. Colors to opt for: Brown, Yellow or Grey.

5 Essential Sandals Every Woman Must Own
Dressy Metallics
A perfect pair when you want to shine at an event, a dressy metallic can be either adorned with rivets or sequins, could be high belted or stringed. Get a pair that you will be comfortable in, especially when dancing. Colors to opt for: Shines and Metallic.

Do you have these must-have pieces in your wardrobe? If not go online and grab these beauties at unbelievable prices. 

Get footing, 
~ Heena


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