Flipkart Launches Li'l Star; India's Biggest Online Kids' Store

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Flipkart Launches Li'l Star; India's Biggest Online Kids' Store

What happens when Flipkart announces the launch of it’s ‘Biggest Online Kid’s Store’? All parenting bloggers go berserk and head straight to the venue Blue Frog where the who’s who of Kid’s brands gathered to discuss the kid's world and the online offerings. 

With an overall user base of 400 million in India, the internet cum online shopping has picked up over the last year or so. And to capitalise on the growing demand, Flipkart launched #FlipkartKids, it’s online Flipkart Li’l Stars on December 19th, that offers over a thousand national and international brands. 

Typically kids those belong to the double income families are so in-tune with the changing culture that they most comfortable with the online world as well as a vast range of products as well as services. Gone are the days when parents went store-to-store to pick things for their children. Nowadays together parents browse various websites along with the kids to get whatever they need. With online giants like Flipkart offering practically that one needs from toys to clothing to accessories, shoes, books, bags,etc etc. you name it they have it; one hardly needs to step out of the house. 

Personally, I have had a great experience with Flipkart with their product ranges, brand variations and scheduled deliveries. One thing I’ve learnt when shopping with Flipkart is to check the size chart instead of relying on the standard S-M-L as each brand has a different size yardstick. The one thing that ensures I shop with Flipkart instead of any other portal is that the ease of returns and exchanges overpower the ease of shopping which is a very rare phenomenon. 

As and when I need to get something for #PrincessHeer, we sit together and browse through the portal and go ahead with the shopping. Such a simple act has empowered my daughter to make sound decisions as well made her independent as well as accountable for her choices. What really stands out is that she respects the authority of decision making with responsibility of acceptance. 

With the launch of Flipkart Li’l Stars, I am looking forward to pampering my #FlipkartKid with an amazing range of quality products from brands like Fisher Price, Disney, Chota Bheem and other international brands that are just a click away. I’m looking forward to her growing both as a decision-maker and a learner.

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