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Today’s generation is so fast paced that it wants everything at its disposal, especially while on the go. We want exciting content that can be easily streamed over a number of gadgets - from mobiles to tablets and laptops - giving us the freedom of movement and functionality.
Enjoy Entertainment On The Go With nexGTv
It is such an empowering thought of taking the entertainment control into your own hands, within your own space, then having to depend on the stationed television. Now that’s what nexGTv offers.

Digivive's flagship award-winning application nexGTv offers wholesome entertainment across multi-screen devices to users anytime, anywhere. nexGTv, a simple one-touch mobile TV application, has virtually changed the rules of the mobile entertainment space, giving users the flexibility, choice and personalization of sorts in the way they want it.

Enjoy Entertainment On The Go With nexGTv

With ample choices across movies, Live TV, TV shows and videos, this is indeed the next big thing poised to change your viewing experience. The app is available for download, and if figures are to indicate the popularity index, there has been a huge number of downloads till date … 24,000,000 and counting.

Enjoy Entertainment On The Go With nexGTv
Enjoy Entertainment On The Go With nexGTv
Enjoy Entertainment On The Go With nexGTv

With a user-friendly interface, this app is sure to connect with everyone. This TV button on your smartphone offers you a personalised viewing experience. However, the feature that I love the most is the replay one that enables me to watch my favourite shows that I may have missed out on due to my busy schedule. 

nexGTv is the face of the entertainment industry today, perfectly catering to the needs of the entertainment sector as well as the users. It is one of the top ten apps in the app store in the said category. The success of the app in such a short time speaks volumes about its connection with the jet-setting life today.

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