Watch Live Cricket With UC Browser Via UC Cricket

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Watch Live Cricket With UC Browser Via UC Cricket

I’ve said this numerous times and off it too, that India is fascinated with the three C’s Cricket, Cinema and Chocolate but not necessarily in that order. There is no day or night when it comes to enjoying these three modes of entertainment, forget day or night… there is nothing else important enough or necessary or even merits the attention. And to say the least I'm guilty of these indulgences as well. 

I’ve seen people do crazy stuff just to ensure they do not miss the all-important game ‘live’, as it unfolds ball by ball, wicket by wicket and run by run. Excuses are thrown randomly, dates are cancelled, sick-leaves are called in for, and some even go to crazy lengths like I did which I’ve narrated in the IPL Saga Of An Indian Fan.

With the advancement in all spheres of life, there is an advancement in entertainment technology as well. Gone are the days when you had to stay rooted in front of the television to enjoy your daily fill of entertainment. Now entertainment is available on the go with mobile internet. However, one thing that surely affects your browsing experience is the quality of the browser and the speed in surfing and live streaming. Loads of people hang their mobiles in shame cursing every second that causes delay. 

I too have faced this problem while watching cricket matches on the go, but luckily I’ve moved on to UC Browser that enables faster browsing with data compression that ensures you #SurfItAll, #SurfItFast. This #YuviStyle browser is perfect for those who enjoy moments like the six sixes in an over that #Yuvi slammed against England.

What’s more is that the browser provides the best cricketing updates in India in terms of the live scores and latest cricketing news. It is easy to download as well, all you need to do is open the UC Browser main home screen and find the blue UC Cricket icon to know all you want to. 

Apart from the regular features of live cricket, live scores with auto updates, results and news and go-to videos there is also a provision to set reminders for featured matches and also add comments. So you will never forget or be late for that nail-biting toss or be stressed about calculating time through various time zones. So all you really need to do is download it and you are ready to go. Luckily it is available on various platforms including computers and laptops, mobiles and iPads and through the iPhone, android, windows and even java. 

Now, no cricket fan anywhere in the world will need to worry about missing their favourite games.

Get Set Match,
~ Heena

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