Tips To Stay Fit With A Healthy Balanced Diet

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Tips To Stay Fit With A Healthy Balanced Diet

Women are projected in such a manner today that every female refuses to accept her natural curves and wholeness. In order to achieve that perfectly sculpt body women go to crazy lengths which sometimes do exactly the opposite of what one is trying to achieve. 

One of the main culprits that do more harm than good is the Crash Diet; a method to lose weight really fast in a very short period of time. The main steps to this diet are to reduce the daily calorie intake over a period of time to sometimes as low as 1000 calories. Though extremely uncomfortable and unhealthy a lot of people follow it as there is an average 8 kilograms weight loss over a fortnight. 

Unfortunately this diet may not be suitable for everyone as fewer calories and nutrition puts immense strain on the body and the daily working may be affected. However the body is made in such a way that if the supply decreases, as in the case of a Crash Diet, the body will use less than what is demanded thereby storing as much as it can. Once this system sets in, the body adds more weight when you go back to consuming normally as the body uses less as per the set routine. 

With more harm than good, one must always try to have a balanced diet while trying to lose weight gradually. You can use Dabur's Health Fitness Tool to keep a track on your calorie intake and ensure the BMI as per your age. The most optimum way to remain healthy is by eating a balanced diet with some regular physical activity. But everything revolves around a healthy balanced diet.

So what is an ideal healthy diet? The key to this are two important aspects: 

§ Eating the right amount of food depending upon your daily activity
§ Eating a variety of food items, including every color and texture

There must be a systematic flow to your meals which include but are not limited to the following options.

  • Never skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day and replenishes the energy that you need for the entire day. 
  • The main base of your meal on wholegrain products or vegetables that can be eaten with their skins as these contain more fibre that helps the body maintain its elasticity while nourishing important parts. 
  • Include loads of colors and textures in your daily intake; use more than 5 different fruits and vegetables in your meals across the day and make sure you follow this religiously. 
  • Cut down the intake of sugar and salt in your diet as they are the threshold of unhealthy weight gain. Instead swap sugar with honey as a healthier alternative and say ‘no to salt’. Honey has some amazing health benefits and it also helps in weight management by aiding digestion and providing a natural source of energy. So try the Honey Diet.
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water or other liquids every day to maintain the water ratio in the body. Give a healthy start to your day with a spoonful of Dabur Honey with a glass of warm water.
  • Last but not the least include at least half an hour of physical activity in your day to ensure the distribution of good fat all across and no gathering of layers on the body. 
So what’s your plan? Go on a Crash Diet or follow a Healthy Balanced Diet? Read again before you make up your mind. 

Stay Fit,

~ Heena

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