Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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2015 has arrived with a bang. In the very first month I've collaborated with two amazing beauty brands and three gorgeous fashion brands to bring to you the best that the industry can offer. First things first! If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you sure know all about it. But if not, don’t worry you shall, but all in good time. 

A very exciting project was initiated by L’Oreal Paris India, where the brand invited beauty bloggers from Mumbai to collaborate for their L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Pure Reds Collection. Every blogger was styled by Hair and Make-Up Expert, Namrata Soni before shinning in the limelight to be beautifully clicked by photographer par excellence, Rema Chaudhary. The amazingly eventful day organized by PR gurus at FoxyMoron was infused with manicures and nail art sessions while sipping mocktails and munching on pizzas at LIV, the club. 

Having met Namrata at various L’Oreal workshops, being styled by her was an amazing experience. She and her team spent considerable time with each of us to understand our individual uniqueness and then style us accordingly. Every blogger was flaunting a shade from the Pure Red range of matte lipsticks that flattered her persona, her skin-tone and her individuality. 

Here is a checklist of the different shades, and which beauty endorses it!

Shades Available: Gong Li-Pure Amaranthe, Fan Binbing-Pure Vermeil, Sonam Kapoor-Pure Garnet, 
Aishwarya Rai-Pure Brick, Freida Pinto-Pure Rouge, Blake Lively-Pure Scarleto, Li Bing Bing-Pure Fire

It was a whirlwind session, where Namrata’s assistant first did my base make-up and then Namrata did my hair. As I looked at myself, I was all set to flaunt the reds endorsed by any of the Indian beauties and was amazed when Namrata picked out the Pure Scarleto endorsed by the beautiful Blake Lively. I was stumped, thinking I’d look so unnatural, but I had faith in Namrata and we went ahead with the lip color. 

The end result is here for you to see… I was a new person, born to stand out. A colour so unique that I just couldn't recognise myself! 

Once I was ready I was rushed for the photo-session and after a few awkward poses, I kind of got into the rhythm. After a few takes I was at ease and the pictures we done in a few minutes. 

A wonderful afternoon came to an end when all the bloggers were brought together for a group photo… It was fun, chaotic madness… Moving bloggers around numerous times, taking a zillion shots where either someone was yawning, or someone was napping or someone wasn't looking at the camera. 

And here are the pics that the talented Rema took. After a crazy hectic day, these pictures make all the efforts worthwhile. 
With an amazing bunch of beautiful and talented fellow bloggers...
(left to right) 
Top Row: Amena, Shanaya, Anushree and Garima
Middle Row: Ritcha, Dolly, Dayle and Jhilmil
Bottom: Ruhi, Myself, Bhumika and Vipra

And here is my solo shot, I love it. 

We bloggers have met on numerous occasions for events, parties and shopping but the L’Oreal Paris India #RedParty gave us the time to bond like girls; giggling, laughing, gossiping and flaunting. It was an evening that all of us would cherish forever. Thank you L'Oreal Paris India, FoxyMoron, Namrata Soni and Rema Chaudhary for this wonderful opportunity.

Don’t the pictures say it all? 
- Heena


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